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Snoop Dogg
The rap and hip - hop music have become indispensable in today's international charts and have a large fan base. However, o­nly few know the history of these musical styles that date back to the eighties.

Artists such as Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Coolio and his world famous hit "Gangsters Paradise” paved the way for the the next generation of musicians - and helped the rap generation to enormous acceptance and recognition. Born as music of the street in the problem - urban areas of the United States, this music brings out nonstop outstanding artists and established itself by now in the international hit charts.

However, o­ne should not forget the circumstances under which the rap and the Hip - Hop was created because many still die every day, especially colored, young people o­n the streets of America. Weapons and drugs are still widespread; as many young people have no life perspective.

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