Born o­n October 17, 1972 in Saint Joseph, Missouri, Marshall Brice Mathers would soon become a legend of hip hop music under the name Eminem. Eminem first became interested in hip hop music at a young age of fourteen when he performed amateur raps under the name “M&M”. In 1992 Eminem was signed with FBT Productions and in 1996, his debut album, Infinite, was released under an independent label Web Entertainment.

As well as the release of his first album, Eminem was also part of a newly formed rap group D-12. D-12 didn’t see much success or recognition until Eminem rose to international fame. Eminem’s first major album Slim Shady LP was released in 1999, just o­ne year after being signed o­nto Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records in 1998. This album was highly popular that year and had gone triple platinum by the end of that year. Eminem faced much ridicule and speculation concerning his music, morals, and personal life but he made a comeback in 2009 when his album Relapse was released o­n March 19th and when his first original single “We Made You” and its music video were released o­n April 7th.

While he was hard at work working o­n new material, he made many appearances o­n his Sirius channel as well as performing his first full performance as a headliner at the Voodoo Music Experience in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2009. Eminem has inspired multiple young artists to follow their dreams and make a statement through hip hop and rap music and will continue to inspire new artists for years to come.