History of Hip Hop

Music Producer J D Beatz
What is hip hop? The word can mean many things to different people. To some, it is a lifestyle. To others, it is simply a genre of music - revered by some, and dismissed by others. o­ne thing is for sure: Hip hop has a lengthy history, which audibly and visibly tells the story of thousands of inner-city lives. So, where exactly did it come from?

Hip hop holds its roots in the 1970's in New York City. Specifically, largely African-American parts of the Bronx and Brooklyn. DJs were using turntables to create music that was fused from separate records. They would create a rhythm using these "beats" and create lyrical poetry over the spliced sounds to make what is the essential foundation of all hip hop and rap music today.

Since these early days, hip hop has expanded quite a bit. While it was originally a form of musical poetry (so to speak), it has developed several subgenres such as "crunk", "gangsta rap", and more. Crunk music, or crunk rap, is a style of hip hop that developed in the southern United States. It's loud anthems and crowd-oriented singalongs are developed specifically to get the dancefloor moving. Gangsta Rap developed in the late eighties in Los Angeles and New York City, and was centralized o­n hard beats which narrated life in the ghetto.

Since its inception in the seventies, hip hop has seen considerable change and evolution. While it comes in many forms, hip hop will always serve as a looking glass to the outside world into African-American culture - for better or for worse. As it continues to change through the 2000's, hip hop will forever stand as both a lifestyle and a style of music which pays homage to its culture throughout over thirty years of history.