The rap singer Cornell Haynes Jr. is better known as Nelly. Born o­n November 2, 1974, Nelly spent his formative years in Spain before moving back to the United States. His parents divorced when he was eight years old and he began looking for ways to keep himself occupied. He became involved in a lot of activities, yet focused o­n baseball. For many years, it appeared this would be the career of his choice as he even played shortstop in the St. Louis Amateur Baseball Association. Yet, he decided o­n a career as a rap musician and the world has been appreciative ever since.

Nelly first achieved mainstream success with his popular 2000 Country Grammar album. It is easy to see why as he combines a gangsta attitude with his boy next door looks. Not o­nly that, but his music also covers a large range of topics from gun violence and drug use to references of Bill Gates and Donald Trump. Since the release of that album, he has had such singles as Hot in Herre, Dilemma and Shake Ya Tailfeather. All reached number o­ne o­n the U.S. charts. He also did a crossover hit, “Over and Over” with Tim McGraw in 2004.

Yet, Nelly hasn’t just achieved stardom with his music. He starred in the remake of The Longest Yard in 2005 with Chris Rock and Adam Sandler and also has two clothing lines. Apple Bottoms is for women, while Vokal caters to men. His non-profit organization “4Sho4Kids Foundation” works to empower those born with developmental disabilities. As you can see, this man is talented in many areas and you never know what he will be involved in next.